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Kapitalist Foundation

Our members generously elect to divert some of their earnings to charity.

A core tenet of the Kapitalist community is the belief that good things are best shared.

Our community members proudly contribute to a shared pool, termed the Kapitalist Foundation, which is responsible for processing need-based applications. Our mission is to provide timely financial relief to individuals and families in need and restore solidarity after calamity. This is enabled by our generous digital asset teams, who reallocate portions of their earnings to shared pools which we distribute based on need.

Our vision is a more equitable, transparent, and healthier life for community members worldwide, through blockchain.

Core values:

  • Belief in transparency & equity
  • Sympathy for those fallen into hardship
  • Passion for educating others on technology

If you are interested in contributing the the Kapitalist Foundation, or know someone who should apply for funding through the Foundation, please reach out.

We process requests on an application basis, and will do our best to appropriately evaluate your situation. Please note that the funds come directly from our scholars themselves, and it is only their generosity that keeps the grants moving. Take a moment to thank our scholars!


We are actively seeking talented scholars.
We are currently recruiting scholars.

Scholars are individuals who wish to play a play-to-earn blockchain game without purchasing expensive game assets themselves. Managers assume the risk of purchasing the game assets and holding them through volatility, and scholars in turn provide half of the revenue generated by gameplay back to the manager. This system ensures that scholars never have to take on any risk to enter blockchain gaming, but also provides managers with a method for scaling their exposure to such gaming.

You can learn more about our process by joining our Discord here: In general, we look for scholars who are active in the community and have submitted a qualifying application demonstrating some level of proficiency in the basics of the game.

We currently have active scholars in:

We assign scholarships on a rolling basis. If you have not been selected this time, don’t lose hope! There will be many more opportunities in the future.